Food Industry Centrifuges

Superior Centrifuges Designed for the Food Processing Industry

Today the food industry demands a process ever-growing in efficiency which does not leave aside the food's taste and texture quality. Quality in quantity will be the new demand by consumers in the 21st century; foods that will be low in fat, high in protein and with a low amount of additives.

The industry looks for products to match the expectations of consumers while also meeting operation requirements to be commercially viable in cost and duration terms. That's why KS centrifuges provide numerous advantages to the industries trade of cattle, pigs, poultry and fish. With the support of the centrifuges it allows all possible aspects of the raw materials in these industries to be used in its entirety.

The part protein plays is extremely important today as it generates flavor ingredients, dietary supplements, and other functional proteins. The durability of the equipment operating in the protein processing industry is vital in achieving the final result. KS offers equipment designed to operate 24/7 to ensure production volume. Just as importantly, our equipment is built to support a minimal maintenance program so you stay operational as much as possible.

Applications Include:

  • Recovery of animal based products (grease, proteins, etc.)
  • Recovery of vegetable based products (oil, proteins & starch)
  • Recovery of vegetable oil and grease (three phase centrifuge)
  • Obtain starch from natural products
centrifuges for food industry

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