Decanter Centrifuge Repair

Comprehensive Repair & Maintenance Services

The Kubco service team is the ideal partner for your operation because the knowledge and expertise we've developed as a centrifuge manufacturer is the same knowledge and expertise we use for decanter centrifuge repair.

Our comprehensive repair and maintenance services are second to none. We understand you have made a significant investment in your centrifuge equipment, and keeping it running is not only integral to your operation, but to the overall success of your business. This is why hiring only the most skilled and experienced service employees is a top priority for us.

We partner with you to make certain your centrifuge equipment remains in prime operating condition, not only immediately after you make a purchase of a product from our company, but well into the future as well. We'll work closely with you to develop a maintenance schedule and checklist for you and your team to review on a regular basis.

In addition to servicing our own manufactured equipment, Kubco provides centrifuge repair and maintenance for major centrifuge brands including Bird, Hutchison-Hayes, Sharples, Swaco, Derrick, Westfalia, Centrysis, Alfa-Laval, Flottweg and Broadbent. Our team of experts are well educated, and experienced, with these brands.

We are able to provide nimble repair services because of the large inventory of parts we maintain for our own centrifuges as well as all other major brands. You can't afford to wait on service, which is why we're focused on quick response times.

Decanter Centrifuge Repair Maintenance

Kubco offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services for significant centrifuge brands.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to keeping your centrifuge equipment operating at peak condition to ensure you’re getting the most of your investment now and well into the future.